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Our Fargo Veterans Boulevard branch is one of three locations serving West Fargo and one of our newer locations, opening in 2013.

Location and convenience are important to our retail and business customers, as we serve a lot of commuters on their way between work and home.

With our exterior adjacent to Casey’s General Store, you might be surprised to find just how welcoming the branch feels.

“Customers often comment on the hominess with the warm colors and size of the branch,” said Brenda Messerschmidt, vice president and former branch manager, who now manages our Moorhead branch. “They’re usually surprised by how big the bank space is inside compared to what it seems like from the outside.”

Customers also love our round coffee and fireplace area. A special feature of the branch is that the rocks in the fireplace were the last ones handpicked by Mickey Snortland, a longtime director and shareholder of the company, before he died in early 2013. Mickey's father, Thomas "Buck" Snortland, was one of the bank’s original founders.

“I still remember the day he came into my office at South,” Brenda said. “He sat down and said, ‘Well Brenda, I just dropped off your rocks for your fireplace at Veterans.’ It seems like yesterday.”

You’ll find two entrances to the building. What looks like the back door is really our front door.

Gina Schmidt

VP/Branch Manager

At this location:

Financial Planning & Investing

*Investing and wealth management products are not FDIC insured, have no bank guarantee, may lose value, are not a deposit and are not insured by any federal government agency.