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Harness your cash flow, and you can make your business grow! Bell Bank’s business treasury management team provides the go-to expertise to help you pinpoint the tools – from fund sweeps and cash consolidation to remote deposit and positive pay – that will bring you the financial efficiency you're looking for.

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Why Bell

As a privately held company, we focus on a healthy balance of profitability, growth, and investing in community needs. It makes a difference in the way we do business, and we’re proud that it sets us apart from other banks.

Electronic Payments and Services

In addition to Business Online Banking and business credit cards and debit cards, Bell Bank provides a host of other electronic tools to help your business manage cash flow.

Need assistance with our online treasury management services? Check out our guides and training.

ACH Origination Services

  • Direct deposit of payroll uses automated clearing house (ACH) to electronically credit employees’ checking and/or savings accounts on an assigned date, regardless of where the accounts are located. Direct deposit of payroll is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, reliable and secure ways to pay your employees.
  • Direct debits allow a business to electronically debit your consumer customer accounts using ACH, a cost-effective, efficient, reliable and secure payment system. Some common direct payments are payments for services, rents, utility bills, insurance premiums, organization membership fees and contributions.
  • Corporate trade payments allow your business to electronically debit or credit trade partners’ accounts using ACH.
  • ACH cash consolidation is a financial management strategy that pools cash into one central account at a single financial institution for more effective use of operating cash and investment. This tool aids your business in consolidating funds from subordinate or branch accounts at other banks into a central/master account at Bell Bank. Simply submit ACH transfers through Treasury Online Banking. We then process the transactions between Bell Bank accounts and accounts at other banks.

 Merchant Services

  • Merchant card services are designed to increase your revenue, optimize your payment processing, and minimize risk. We offer a cost-effective solution to process your entire American Express®, Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover® Network credit and debit card transactions. No matter your business – retail, restaurant, healthcare, service, mail order, e-commerce and more – we have a solution to fit what your business needs. Give us your existing merchant service information, and we will provide a free analysis to show you how we can provide you savings.
  • Electronic gift & prepaid cards are a smart business decision because they help increase revenue and attract new customers. Gain competitive advantage by offering an additional payment option to your customers, and boost sales all year long.
  • Electronic check conversion gives you the ability to continue offering your customers the option of paying by check, while dramatically reducing the risk and cost associated with accepting those checks. Paper checks – consumer and business – are converted into safe, efficient electronic transactions that are processed with the speed and ease of credit card processing.

Other Services

  • Remote deposit lets you make deposits electronically from your office any time, without driving to the bank. Remote deposit allows your business to convert paper checks into electronic images using a desktop scanner with our Treasury Online Banking solution. It is the fastest way to turn your check deposits into cash.
  • Wire transfers allow you to transfer funds while avoiding the hassle of contacting the bank and relaying detailed information. You reduce costs by lowering wiring fees, and you can initiate domestic transfers through our secure Internet banking site.
  • Electronic data interchange allows your business to obtain additional ACH information necessary to post your electronic transactions, payments or receipts to your accounting system.
  • Lockbox service saves you money by collecting and processing your account receivable payments. Lockbox generally involves collecting a variety of payment types, which includes business-to-business and consumer-to-business payments. Payments are mailed to and collected from a unique post office box and then processed per your instructions. You'll receive a deposit to your account and payment information that meets your needs.

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Sweep Accounts

Make idle cash work harder for your business! Sweeps are designed for businesses with steady cash flows in and out of their operating checking account. Learn more about how sweeps work.

How do sweeps work?

  • The system automatically sweeps funds daily, based on established product parameters, such as target balance, replenishment amounts and maximum investment amounts.
  • Sweep products can be customized to meet your business needs.
  • If you are enrolled in Business or Treasury Online Banking, you can view sweep activity online.

We have various levels of sweep products, depending on your business’ specific treasury management needs:

  • One-way: Offers overdraft or uncollected funds protection.
  • Two-way: Fully automated to maximize your excess cash balances. Your checking account is linked to either a short-term investment account or to a line of credit.
  • Three-way: Links three account types: checking, short-term investment and line of credit
  • Money market savings sweep: Serves businesses with large deposit balances, fluctuating cash flows, significant float on deposited items, and the need to invest excess dollars automatically.

Fraud Protection

Positive Pay helps your business identify potentially fraudulent check and ACH items, and allows you to promptly instruct Bell Bank to return any such items.

Check and ACH fraud is not just a problem for large corporations, big businesses or large financial institutions; it affects businesses and banks of all sizes. In addition, business clients are subject to 24-hour return timeframes for unauthorized check and ACH transactions, as opposed to consumer clients, who have up to 60 days to return these unauthorized items. Using Positive Pay allows businesses to concentrate on what’s important – your business – with less fear of undetected forgeries, alterations and unauthorized ACH transactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce exposure to check and ACH fraud by identifying potentially fraudulent items
  • View check images of exception items
  • Customize parameters for filtering both ACH debit and credit transactions
  • Manage online exceptions to enable pay/return decisions for both check and ACH exceptions
  • See online reconcilement reports on outstanding checks, paid checks and stale dated checks
  • Verify presented checks at teller line


Merchant Services

Find out how much your business could save each year on merchant card services! To get started, just provide us some basic information online. Our TSYS representative will contact you about a brief analysis to show how you could eliminate or lower your costs!

More About Merchant Services

Merchant card services help your business optimize payment processing and minimize risk, while potentially increasing your revenue. In partnership with TSYS Merchant Services, Bell offers a cost-effective solution for processing your American Express®, Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover® credit and debit card transactions.

Don’t forget these advantages:

  • Your current card processing equipment can easily be converted
  • Built-in fraud monitoring and control features help protect your business and your customers’ card data
  • Flexible payment options available:
    • Corporate purchasing card
    • PIN-based debit card
    • Fleet card
    • Electronic gift cards
    • Electronic check conversion
  • Get paid faster, with next-day funding available

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